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Technical SEO covers a wide range of areas to help improve organic performance. But it’s also imperative if you want search engines to crawl, find and index your most important website pages.

During an SEO audit, I'll analyse every aspect of your site, through extensive reviews cultivated from years of experience. Whether you need to improve your site structure, tackle crawl rate optimisation or implement structured data to enhance your search listings, I've got you covered.

Technical SEO is also about measuring, testing and improving every area of your site to improve organic performance.

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Google Page Speed Insights

The Need For Speed

Site speed is critical for user experience. The faster a page loads, the more likely a user is to stay on your site, whereas a slow loading page can have a detrimental effect on conversions. If a user has to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, it’s very likely they’ll leave your site and continue their search elsewhere. 

Site speed has become increasingly more important with the rise in mobile search. In fact, Google has now introduced it as a ranking factor to ensure that sites run smoothly on every type of device. 

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Traditional SEO

In addition to the technical side of SEO, I also look at content optimisation. This type of SEO is essential in determining what your content, pages, and in turn your website, is all about. 

When your content is properly optimised, search engines use this information to display relevant keyword terms and phrases related to search queries. They may even use your content as a featured snippet in the coveted ‘position zero’. 

Keyword Research

I’ll carry out keyword research and title tag optimisation to ensure the right pages are targeting the most relevant keywords, in order to drive the right kind of visitors to your site.

Though optimising your content for specific keywords alone isn’t enough to increase conversions, it does play a vital role in the wider strategy, as it ensures that individual pages are relevant to the right users. When used in conjunction with technical SEO and site speed optimisation, keyword optimisation can lead to an increase in relevant traffic, which in turn will generate more conversions.

Website Audits

I'll carry out a full SEO audit to highlight and understand any issues on your website and identify opportunities for growth.

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WordPress SEO

I'll optimise and configure your WordPress site with the correct settings and trusted plugins to help improve your organic performance.

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Site Migrations

Our migrations ensure that you preserve organic visibility and avoid errors when moving to a new domain, relaunching or moving from HTTP to HTTPS.

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Competitor Analysis

I'll help you understand why your competitors are performing better than you in search by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

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Keyword Research

I'll carry out keyword research to ensure that the right pages are targeting the right keywords, in order to drive the right kind of visitors.

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SEO Maintenance

Need help optimising your new site?, setting up tracking and make sure your site is error free.

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The SEO audits include

The SEO audits include

Technical Audit

I'll assess your current organic performance, flag any issues hindering your site and highlight any problems that need to be addressed.

Crawl Rate Optimisation (CRO)

I'll carry out CRO to identify duplicate content and unnecessary pages that are being crawled and indexed in search results. This is particularly important for e-commerce sites.

Mobile-first Optimisation & AMP

Mobile is now the predominant way for people to search online. Google now crawls, indexes and ranks the mobile version of your site rather than the desktop version. I'll make sure your site is optimised for those all-important mobile searches.

Mobile Optimised Website
Site Speed

Site speed is imperative for user experience; a slow page load speed spells bad news for both your bounce rate and your conversion rate. I can improve your site speed to keep important visitors on your site.

On-site Optimisation

I'll optimise both the content and the HTML code of your site to help users and search engines understand what your pages are about; this satisfies user queries and improves your chances of ranking highly in search results.

URL Mapping

I will map out your entire site, making sure your pages are targeting the right keywords, and avoid terms being targeted on other pages.

Brands I've worked with

I’ve worked with more than 60 different brands, in sectors such as e-commerce and retail,
financial and legal services, property, betting, sports, construction and marketing.

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Whether I'm performing a health check on your site or carrying out a full audit to identify improvements, you can count on me to get the job done and deliver the results you want. I'll show the value and trust required, at an unrivaled cost.

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Sound Good?

If you need me to perform a health check of your site or require a full SEO audit for quick improvements, I'll not only get the job done and get you the results you want but I'll show the value and trust needed at a fraction of what other agencies charge.

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